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False Idols



New album release | 2018

This piano and saxophone duo album is an exploration of trust, awareness of self, other and the different spaces we can interact in and of a musical partnership that spans almost a decade. The total of 17 tracks are a blend of compositions and improvisations by Halpin and Li, and the music of three great young New York composers, also musical collaborators of almost the last ten years.

Emotionally the recording is incredibly wide-ranging, from light and humorous tracks such as "Whirling Dervish" or "Lion's Mane" to incredibly tense and reflective pieces like "What We Can't See" or "Hand in Hand."

It is ultimately captivating and uplifting and upon each listening will burrow it's way through another layer of conscious or unconscious understanding. It is not an uncommon thing in music, but perhaps more than one may anticipate, these recordings will respond to your mood and energy level, they will catch you at whatever point your are and pull you in. Through to it's own space and time, which exist apart from and at the centre of everything we already know.

Imagine a device that records electromagnetic signals. Ones that are obvious and large, such as those from power stations and busy towns or cities but also signals so slight as the electrical current in someone's body as they walk by or of a small plane flying miles overhead.. 

The device lays out its own version of the world on graphs, representing the signals it gathers as dots, lines, shapes, colours and gestures. To one person they may look like mountains and valleys and open plains, to another, a fantastical underwater world, to another it may look like chaos.


In any case, these graphs present you with a unique interpretation of the universe according to the device, in such a detailed and precise way that if you looked over them for long enough, you might find yourself somewhere in them. Possibly in a way that could reveal information or truths that weren't previously known.

Imagine if by merely reading these graphs one could also alter the nature of them, in a way that the contents of the universe it displays, may shift or obscure themselves. The universal truths may hide, or present themselves in different ways each time you observe them.





"False Idols"

Matthew Halpin | saxophone

Christian Li | piano

recorded at Schoke Flügel & Pianos, Köln

recorded and mixed by Julian David

artwork by Janet Cruise Halpin

to be released in 2018

duration | 44:00 min 

RIGHT THIS WAY (comp. Mike Bono)
FALSE IDOLS (comp. Christian Li)
MOUNTAIN PRAYER (comp. J. Henderson)
LION'S MANE (comp. J. Fitzgerald)
TALKING IN CIRCLES (comp. M. Halpin)
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