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"Agreements" is Matthew Halpin's debut album as a leader. It was released in May 2021 on Frutex Tracks. Recorded at Riverside Studios in Cologne, it features four of Halpin's dearest colleagues from various musical scenes that he was able to be a part of since the beginning of his career. The album consists of all original music. 

Dog Day Afternoon |

comp. Matthew Halpin

Matthew Halpin | saxophone & comp.

Kit Downes | hammond organ

Hanno Busch | guitar

Sean Carpio | drums

Sergio Martinez | percussion

-> You can buy the album here!


Last Chance Dance

The trio Last Chance Dance is a project recently founded by the Irish saxophonist Matthew Halpin and two of Cologne's most in demand jazz musicians, upright bassist David Helm and drummer Fabian Arends. Their debut album of the same name was recorded in October 2015 and was released with Toy Piano Records in November 2016.


The group's repertoire reflects not only their musical tastes but more importantly their shared appreciation for traditional jazz music and its story telling potential, as mastered by musicians like Sonny Rollins. Their clear, energetic and playful way of interpreting music gives a new glow even to the most heard jazz standard, inviting the audience to lean back and witness pure spontaneity, wordless understanding and expressive musicianship.

Trinkle Tinkle |

comp. Thelonious Monk

Matthew Halpin | saxophone

David Helm | double bass

Fabian Arends | drums

The Owl Ones

The Owl Ones is an ongoing collaboration between Matthew and Austrian singer and songwriter Veronika Morscher. The music is a mixture of original compositions and some simple arrangements of classic songs and jazz standards. In this setting, the intention is to create honest, emotive, music that is colourful and sophisticated without coming across as over complicated or arranged. The Owl Ones released their first album "Shadow Loves the Sun" in May 2015. This features two incredible pianists, Kit Downes (UK) and Pablo Held (GER).

Shadow Loves the Sun |

comp. M. Halpin, lyrics V. Morscher

Matthew Halpin | saxophone

Veronika Morscher | voice

Pablo Held | piano

Kit Downes | piano

Cats Out of the Bag

Cats Out of the Bag is one of Matthew's Cologne based projects. It features Hanno Busch on guitar, David Helm on electric bass, Dominik Mahnig and Silvio Morger on drums. This electric double drummer group plays mostly Halpin originals happily stumbling through genres with a positive, energetic and positively exciting gusto. This group has performed locally and some recordings from these concerts have subsequently been set to video. 

Burden Of Truth |

comp. M. Halpin

Matthew Halpin | saxophone

Hanno Busch | electric guitar

David Helm | electric bass

Dominik Mahnig | drums

Silvio Morger | drums

Matthew Halpin's Earwax Control

Earwax Control is a group with varying personnel which features live improvisation with projected visuals. It engages audience members fully both visually and sonically. As the audience watches the projected visuals, they can understand the musical choices and reactions of the musicians. The visuals provide a red tape for the audience to guide them through exciting and dynamic free improvisation. Comprised of mostly classic movie footage and classic cartoons, the visuals paired with modern and expressive music are intrinsically humorous, absurd and captivating.

Matthew Halpin's Earwax Control

Spilt Milk

Having worked together in trio format for "The Owl Ones" and various other formations, Matthew Halpin and Veronika Morscher decided to join forces again. This time playing with a band featuring guitarists Hanno Busch and Martin Schulte, bassist Roger Kintopf and drummer Silvio Morger. The music is a combination of each of their original work and some collaborations. This group will be recording all their newest material in spring 2018, due to be released in autumn 2018. 

How Long Has This Been Going On |

comp. G. Gershwin

Photo by Peter Tümmers

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Released in 2015

Background photo by Peter Tümmers

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